ocTEL start

I’ve managed to log in, itself a bit of a challenge as it appeared to be optional but it isn’t if you actually want to contribute which would seem to be part of the point of the course.

Next I had to set up another WordPress blog which now means more logging in and out of WordPress as I have a very active site I use for my outside work activities.

And now I’m wondering if I’m going to be able to keep up as there seems to be quite a lot to do, but maybe that will become easier or clearer as time goes on.

I have learnt that the hashtag on a Mac computer is ALT plus 3. I’m not going to use Twitter so of limited use to me!

I’m aware this is a bit negative but these are all real things for me.


2 thoughts on “ocTEL start”

  1. Well done an setting up your blog! It is more difficult maintaining more than one blog but sometimes better to separate them out if the purposes are very different.

    I think the anxiety about keeping up is one that most participants have. The best advice I can give you is to firstly not to try and do too much or else you will find it overwhelming and more likely to give up. You don’t have to look at every post, resources, blog etc – no one has time for that. So decide each week how much time you have got to spend on the course and if possible block out periods of time to spend on it as it is easy to fall down the list of priorities. Then decide how you want to engage with it – this may be only using one or two platforms, not all. Just doing a bit each week is fine, and if you do have a very busy week when you don’t have time, just move on to the next week and try and catch up later or at the end of the course as the materials will be available for a while following the course.

    Anyway all the best with the course and we look forward to your future blog posts.

    Sue Folley (ocTEL support tutor)

  2. As these are all real things to you then you should definitely write about them – all experiences are valid. Indeed there is a great deal of content in this #ocTEL course (to allow for self-directed learning). To keep it manageable we recommend that you just undertake the activity in the weekly “Do one thing section” and have a look at the Participant’s Handbook.

    Having a big or little question that is relevant to you will help you throughout the course by making you examine each week’s themes and activities through that lens of interest and thus focus your energies on what is important to you. I hope it will become easier and clearer if you have that focus and if in your experience it does not you should write about that too.

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